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"I am going to be celebrity, a superstar."

- To his Toronto psychiatrist in August 2003.

"I'm only paranoid about getting fat."

- Magnotta, 38 days before he killed Lin, according to psychiatrist Dr. Joel Paris.

"(Voices were) like static saying 'kill him.' I felt I did not have control of my body, something was controlling me."

"(My mind was on) replay when I was stabbing, like it's not me doing it, it's sick, I don't want to remember it. I don't know what to say, it doesn't feel like me."

"My mind started racing very fast. I don't remember what was happening. It was like a blackout. I remember feeling wet, hearing (voices) saying, 'cut it.' "

"No legs or arms or head. Manny said 'put the body in the tub.' "

- Excerpts from Magnotta's confession to defence psychiatrist Dr. Joel Watts

"They wanted me to give it back to the government."

- Magnotta telling a second defence psychiatrist that voices told him to mail Lin's hand and foot to Ottawa.

"How does it feel to be the sister of a murderer?"

- Magnotta e-mail to his sister Melissa Newman, three days before his arrest for killing Jun Lin

"Roses are red, violets are blue. The police will need dental records to identify you. Bitch."

- Magnotta's poem, with one of Lin's severed hands, sent to False Creek elementary school in Vancouver

"You got me, I am Mr. Magnotta and I'm the man you are looking for."

- Magnotta upon his arrest in Berlin

"I don't want to say anything without my lawyer. I don't want to waste your time. My mind isn't so clear, I'm on some medication that makes me a bit confused. I feel sick in the head."

- From police interrogation of Magnotta on June 18, 2012

"If you don't like the reflection, don't look in the mirror. I don't care."

- Written in red inside the closet of the Montreal apartment where Magnotta killed Lin.

"Well, I have to say goodbye for now, but don't worry, in the near future you will hearing from me again. This time, however, the victims won't be small animals. I will send you a copy of the new video I'm going to be making. You see, killing is different than smoking.. with smoking you can actually quit."

"Once you kill, and taste blood, it's impossible to stop. The urges just too strong not to continue."

"You know the fun part of all this is watching millions of people get angry and frustrated because they can't catch me. That's why I love this. I love the risk factor. It's also fun watching people work so hard gathering all the evidences, then not being able to name me or catch me. You see, I always win, I always hold the trump card, and I will continue to make more movies."

" ... but next time you hear from me it will be in a movie I am producing, that will have some humans in it, not just pussys :) The things I have seen and the things I have done, you can only imagine. Well it was fun f---ing around with everyone, so have a merry Christmas and a happy new year. I know I will :)

"Getting away with all this, that’s genius.""

-Excerpts from December 2011 Magnotta e-mail to UK Sun newspaper
"He told me that the illness started in January 2000 as hearing voices of people he could not see. He said that this mostly male voices discussing him amongst themselves."

- March 2002 psychiatrist's report from Toronto East General and Orthopaedic Hospital

"He was ... believing that evil people were stalking him. He was hearing voices, trying to drown out those voices by putting on the radio."

- Toronto family physician Dr. Allan Tan, who treated Magnotta from 2003 to 2009.

"(The crisis worker) thinks that (Magnotta) might be paranoid or schizophrenic and yet when she talks to him further she gets the impression that he could be putting this all up."

"I found this youngster quite a bizarre presentation. I am not sure what we are dealing with. I am sure that at some stage, one of my colleagues will see this young man again and might encounter the same perplexing problem."

-April 2001 psychiatrist's report from Ross Memorial Hospital, Lindsay, Ont.

"Our team is concerned that he (Magnotta) is putting on a show of being ill."

- Notes by psychiatrist Joel Watts, working for Montreal police just after Magnotta's arrest, prior to being retained by the defence.

"If you are a good can fake it. I doubt that you can fake it for (long)."

- Berlin prison psychiatrist Dr. Thomas Barth, who treated Magnotta shortly after his arrest.

"There was no evidence of an extended period of psychosis."

- Montreal psychiatrist Dr. Joel Paris, who assessed Magnotta 38 days before he killed Lin.

"It's a one-hour assessment, and probably if it had been a different way we wouldn't be here."

- Leclair, describing Dr. Paris's assessment of Magnotta.

"It was not easy, this was an extremely difficult assessment for many different reasons. It was quite an arduous and difficult process, possibly the most difficult case I've done yet."

- Defence psychiatrist Dr. Joel Watts

"He was a difficult patient, one of the most difficult patients in my career to this point."

- Defence psychiatrist Dr. Marie-Frederique Allard

"(Magnotta) had lost contact with reality. He didn't live in a real, objective world. On May 25, he was in psychosis, so his perceptions were erroneous."

- Defence psychiatrist Dr. Marie-Frederique Allard

"Even if it's infamy, for someone who has a histrionic personality, better to have infamy than no fame at all."

"Had (Magnotta) wanted people to believe he had schizophrenia, I don't see how he could could have done better than this."

- Crown psychiatrist Dr. Gilles Chamberland

"At one point he talked about his desire to write a letter to the mother of his alleged victim. I told him it was too early for people, particularly the mother. We should talk about it... to find an appropriate moment to do such a thing, if there is one."

- Dr. Renee Roy, Magnotta's current jailhouse psychiatrist

"We often hear in society in general that there is no justice. We hope to change your mind if you've ever entertained that thought. You will live the justice experience from the inside and hopefully you will be able to say that you were a major player in this trial."

"Mr. Magnotta is ... charged with first-degree murder. The two words you should have in mind when you're listening to the evidence is 'planned' and 'deliberate.' I expect the evidence to show that in this case the murder was planned and deliberate up to six months in advance."

"(Police) brought in a forensic biologist. You will hear her. You will get a crash course in DNA."

"You have heard about the (dismemberment) video. Let me give you a warning. These (images) were called 'graphic, gruesome and potentially upsetting' by my friend Mr. Leclair when he questioned each and every one of you. And they are. You will get to see it here in court. You are judges now. You will have the duty to watch it carefully."

- Selected opening arguments by Crown prosecutor Louis Bouthillier

"Mr. Magnotta has admitted the physical acts for each of the offences. There's the physical part which is admitted but there's also the mental part. The defence will be focussing on that."

- Defence lawyer Luc Leclair, in his opening remarks

"Your task will be to determine whether the Crown has proven that he committed the five offenses with the required state of mind for each offense."

- Trial judge Guy Cournoyer, in his opening remarks to the jury

"He wasn't well, that's as far as I know."

"I know he didn't do it (kill Lin), that's just my own feeling."

- Testimony by Magnotta's father

"Is it possible that he was using you to record his alleged symptoms, so there would be a record of them?"

- Prosecutor Louis Bouthillier, cross-examining German psychiatrist Dr. Thomas Barth.

"He's prepared to lie to a psychiatrist ... to avoid being hospitalized. Couldn't we think he might do the same thing to avoid prison?"

- Prosecutor Louis Bouthillier to defence psychiatrist Allard

"You think that being hospitalized in 2003 when he was 19 was an experience like Disneyland?"

- Defence lawyer Luc Leclair, at a Crown psychiatrist's suggestion that Magnotta is a liar

Prosecutor Louis Bouthillier: "Why did he leave? Did he tell you why he left?"

Defence psychiatrist Allard: "Because he went to bring the head to the park. He didn't want to be seen."

Bouthillier: "Why didn't he want to be seen? Because he knew it was wrong to walk around with a head?"

"Mr. Magnotta has declined your invitation to meet with any Crown attorney retained psychiatrists in the above noted matter."

- April 2014 defence e-mail to the Crown

"I could watch raw, horrible and potentially disturbing evidence because I work in a butcher shop."

- Juror # 14, explaining why she believed she could stomach the dismemberment video

"Death is most likely attributable to head injury by sharp weapon. We cannot rule out that blunt head injuries possibly contributed to death if they were inflicted while the victim was alive, which cannot be determined at autopsy."

- Jun Lin autopsy report by pathologist Dr. Yann Daze

"I see enough disgusting things in my job, I don't need to see more."

- Pathologist Yann Daze, asked why he didn't watch the dismemberment video as part of his analysis

"Good morning."

Jun Lin's final text, to his ex-boyfriend, the day before he was killed.

"He came to me and said there was a suitcase outside and ... he said it was maggots and very smelly."

Eric Schorer, Magnotta's building manager, describing a grisly discovery by the janitor

"We saw a neck, shoulders and the top of a torso and that was enough for us, we called 911 right away."

- Michael Nadeau, Magnotta's apartment janitor, describing what he saw when he opened a bag in an alley

"Once I entered the apartment I was struck by a strong chemical smell. Also it was mixed with maybe a smell of cadaver, which I've smelled before in the past."

- Montreal police Const. Peter Devola, the first officer to enter Magnotta's apartment

"I remember vividly that one police officer said during his entire career he had never seen a murder, or a video or a crime scene like that."

- Jun Lin's friend Dong Dong Xu

"The package itself, it was very, uh, it was .. soft, it was mushy. We clipped the top off and, at that time there was a very bad smell. Something of that nature, rotting, sent to the Conservative party, is not something we've ever had before."

- Jennie Byrne, Prime Minister Stephen Harper's deputy chief of staff, on finding Lin's foot in the mail

"I don't know why I would be dragged into something, again, that had nothing to do with me."

Karla Homolka's sister Logan Valentini, on her shock at being named on Magnotta's body-parts package

"Once you get to the bottom of the pond ... stop and look on your right into the tall grass about two feet from the water. You might find what you're looking for there."

- Toronto law office fax to Montreal police, leading to the discovery of Jun Lin's head

"There was a dog licking the body part and there was a knife... trying to cut the pieces."

- Jun Lin's friend Dong Dong Xu, describing the dismemberment video

"‎He was basically, for me, a clean-cut kid. It was good for my ego."

Retired U.S. naval officer Thomas Murphy, who had sex with Magnotta days before Lin's killing

"The dog ... was the only other living thing I saw with him."

Murphy, recalling a dog Magnotta brought during their encounters

"He didn't seem like a suspect, he was nice."

Taxi driver who ferried Magnotta to a Paris hotel from Charles de Gaulle Airport

"I did recognize him right away because of his cheekbones, he had these weird cheekbones. I told (police), 'I have someone inside who looks like the murderer from Canada.'"

- Berlin internet cafe worker Kadir Anlayisli

"Very calm. I even might call it arrogant. It was as if there was nothing somebody could do to him."

- Berlin police officer Thomas Leymann, describing Magnotta's demeanor upon his arrest

"I replied, 'It's not my birthday today.' The police officer said, 'Yes (it is), because ... you could have been the next.'"

"I said to myself, 'How stupid was I to let just anybody come into my apartment without knowing what kind of a person this was?'"

- German pedophile Frank Rubert, who harboured Magnotta for four days prior to the Toronto native's arrest in June 2012.